Creating future with glass.

Nakajima Glass Company, Inc.

Environmental Activities

Environmental policy

Through processing of glass, we will actively participate and contribute to enviromental conservation and other global enviromental issues.

  1. With full awareness of the influence our business operations may have on environments, we participate in preventing environmental pollution by periodically reviewing and improving our Environmetal Management System (EMS).
  2. We observe the environment-law and ordinances related to our operation, as well as other environmental requirements we have agreed to comply with.
  3. With high priority, we undertake the following environmental safeguard activities
    Energy saving
    Resource saving
    Waste reduction
    Production of environment-conscious products
  4. To uphold a more concrete purpose / aim, and to deal with these highly prioritized environmental safeguard activities, we evaluate and review on a more regular basis.

Measures for notable environmental issues

In order to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities by continuously reducing environmental burden and by preserving global environment, we actively take part in environmental conservation through operations based on our environmental governance.

  • Take part in Energy Conservation by Reducing "consumption of electrical power and LPG" consumed at our Main Office / Plant as well as our Kanto / Tohnosho Plant, by means of economizing and controlling machine power and air conditioners.
  • To practice reduction of CO2, promote environment conscious products to our customer. Likewise, use enviromental conscious suppliers for parts, items, products and materials in our offices as well as in our factories.
  • To practice "resource saving" and "waste reduction", we make every effort to reduce reject and scrap items in our production line and throughout our operation.